Vlad Alexander's headshot. My name is Vlad Alexander and I am a software engineer and head of development for XStandard, a standards-compliant XHTML WYSIWYG editor. I created this service to make a huge part of the Web more accessible and more useful for everyone.  I'm talking about non-textual objects such as images.

Right now, images can contain a wealth of information, but that information remains locked up in inaccessible pixels that can only be perceived, understood and interpreted by human eyes. Images can't be read or searched by any of the machines that help all of us use the Web productively (search engines, language translators, etc.). By writing descriptions for even a small percentage of the images online, we can generate tons of pertinent, genuinely useful content that can be made available to everyone, including machines.

People will be able to locate essential information locked in images by searching through image descriptions. Through a future browser, users will be able to get textual information from an image that they can then re-use in other applications. And image descriptions are the first step towards hands-and-eyes-free browsing, where people browse the Web without looking at a computer screen.

Please join me, by writing image descriptions, to make the Web more usable for everyone.