How it works

Anyone can write or edit a description of any image on the Web.


Step 1

Enter a URL to the location of the image you wish to describe. If you are not sure how to get a URL to an image, please read: How to get a URL to an image

Step 2

Enter a title and description for the image. A title is a short label for the image and a description is what is in the image.

Step 3 (optional)

You will get a URL to the description you've just written. Use this URL in the HTML longdesc feature. In many WYSIWYG editors, this field is labeled "Long description" or "Long description URL" as shown in the following screenshot.

Screenshot of an 'Image properties' dialog box shows field called 'Long description URL'.

In the future

In the near future, the descriptions you write now will be searchable by anyone. This will offer everyone access to a new source of information. And you may be able to view and modify image descriptions from applications such as Web browsers.